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e quality Professional Kitchen Chef Knives & Tools - Made in Germany

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Zeitlos Professional Series

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Our Zeitlos series Chef’s knives are the perfect match for every dish. Choose from our selection of chef’s knifes, engineered for all-around use in the kitchen.

We offer the traditional Chef’s knife from Germany, as well as the Japanese inspired Santoku Chef’s knife. All 100% Made in Germany.

Have Fun

Have fun with our products. Whether you’re cooking home alone or with a large group – have fun. Be sure to check out our free selection of culinary inspirations from around the world.

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We offer a selection of our favorite exquisite adventures around Europe. From our favorite destinations in the Swiss Alps to the finest cuisines in France, be sure to check out our inspirations.

Made in Germany

The Zeitlos series is proudly 100% Made in Germany. From raw material to the finishing touches, we control quality from start to finish.

What Our Customers Say

The handmade olive wood handle really builds character the more you use it. I searched for a long time before finding a quality German knife with style.

Juliet S

Juliet SParis, France

Excellent quality. It was nice finding a knife which is still made by hand. The set of knives I have are easy to sharpen. Thank you again

Lara B

Lara BAachen, Germany

As a professional chef I spend most of my time cooking and working with my tools. the FVR Zeitlos knives are “top” quality. Great work. Nice team. Stylish.

John L

John LMilan, Italy

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